Rebelleon at We Are Sthlm 14th of August

So it’s official!
I’m playing at Kungsträdgården in Stockholm on August 14 together with KMODI and DJ Carli. It’ll be bangin.
For details, click here.

ultimate Rebelleon minimix

you CAN’T sit still to this mix, it’s impossible. enjoy.

must know monday – Branko

Branko from Portugals famous Buraka som Sistema played at Slakthuset, Stockholm on Saturday so I thought I’d take this opportunity to push for this guy. Even though he doesn’t need any further promotion, he is definitely one of the main players in the new global bass movement that we see. Enjoy his latest Control EP through Soundcloud.

must know monday – Banginclude

continuing on this post serie, I give you Banginclude. this dude is into several different genres and he does it well. very well.

must know monday – JSTJR

so I’ve decided to have this thing once a month where I present a new up and coming artist or producer that I think you guys should know of. first up, JSTJR! this kid is unbelievebly talented and remember where you heard about him first.

can you pay my grills

except for the fact that she is unbelievably talented. queen B is also the coolest person on this earth.
grills will def be back in fashion for 2014.

twerk hard play hard

twerk music is definitely the new black (well, let’s just say trendy) music wise nowadays.
seeing how I’d like to consider myself to be somewhat of a junkie when it comes to new trends in bass music, I thought I’d give you guys a short mix of my top twerk songs at the moment.