mad about manis – kiwi

you’ll need bright green, black and white nail polish. and. well, it looks difficult but its really not. start with the green, continue on with the white and finish off with the black dots! but don’t try to eat your nails, it’ll not taste as good as actual kiwis :]

must know monday – Branko

Branko from Portugals famous Buraka som Sistema played at Slakthuset, Stockholm on Saturday so I thought I’d take this opportunity to push for this guy. Even though he doesn’t need any further promotion, he is definitely one of the main players in the new global bass movement that we see. Enjoy his latest Control EP through Soundcloud.

must know monday – Banginclude

continuing on this post serie, I give you Banginclude. this dude is into several different genres and he does it well. very well.